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Veterinary Homoeopathy


Homeopathic remedies have been used in animals for the last 190 years and are of great use in the treatment of your animals.

Veterinary Homoeopathy acts equally efficiently in large animals ,small animals and pets.Farm animals ,birds and Fish also respond very well to this system of medicine

No side effects ,effective , safe and easy to administer are some of the benefits of using Homeopathic medicines

What Can Be Treated By Homeopathy?                      

Homoeopathic medicines are equally efficient in the treatment of poultry    diseases. These medicines increase the egg production and growth of birds is faster resulting in better profits. These drugs are readily mixed in water or feed.

In many states in India eg.Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, homoeopathic medicines are commonly used in poultry diseases due to its low cost, and safe and quick action.

Common diseases in birds  like Coccidiosis which is generally observed in young growing birds have been benefited by Homoeopathic medicines like  Merc sol ,Nux vom and Sulphur.

Also Ranikhet  disease ,an infectious disease known to devastate the poultry industry , have  Homoeopathic treatment and prevention  medicines like Belladonna, Carboveg and Veratrum album.

Almost all form of diseases in animals right from acute cough or cold to chronic diseases like  skin allergies, TICKS, ear infections, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and a host of other conditions can be successfully treated with Homoeopathy.

Also diseases like : vitamin deficiencies, boils ,fever, menstrual problems, prolapse of uterus, arthritis, allergy, dysentery, acidity, worms , eczema ,urinary troubles have quick solutions in Homoeopathy.

Taylor and Smith have rightly emphasized that Homeopathic remedies do not clash with analgesics,tonics or physical therapies.

Homoeopathic veterinary shampoo ‘s ,ointments and creams are also available for external use.


Dr.Neha Smart