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Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

Thanda  Thanda Cool Cool

We all look forward to the summer – sunshine, school holidays, rest and relaxation. But the summer can bring its own problems and stresses with it. Homeopathy can help keep you healthy over the summer, making life easier for all the family.


From travel sickness and holiday accidents to common summer ailments such as hayfever there are hundreds of homeopathic remedies you can buy for the everyday stuff that causes you stress in the summer.


With homeopathy you know you are using natural medicines that work with your body, provide gentle relief and are safe for use by all the family, and safe to use with other medication. Homeopathy is different from conventional medicines – it works in a different way. It works with you, not against you. It’s natural and safe, with no known side-effects.


1. Common holiday remedies :                                                             


  • Travel sickness?   Nux-vomica 30c for dizziness with nausea or Ipecac 30c for deathly nausea and vomiting
  • Fear of flying?    Aconite 30c, before you leave and on the day you fly.
  • Prone to jet-lag?   Arnica 30c on the day you fly and when you get home
  • Sun-burn & high temperatures?   Belladonna 30c and a calendula-based cream
  • Food-poisoning?   Arsenicum 30c and drink plenty of water
  • Nasty bites and stings?  Apis 30c and a cold compress
  • Sprains, twists and other accidents?  Arnica 30c first, then Ruta-grav 6c to follow
  • Prickly heat? – Nat mur 6c or Pulsatilla 6c and a calendula-based cream


2. Seasonal allergies and hayfever:                                                         


Homeopathy can help with chronic illness such as allergies and has a good track record in                   this area. The following remedies can help the symptoms:

  • Streaming sore nose, drips like a tap? Nat-mur 6c six times a day
  • Sneezing,itching in nose ? Sabadilla 30 three times a day.
  • Cold and burning in eyes ?  Justicia and euphrasia 30  three times a day.



3. Skin care —                                                                                


  • Prickly heat.-This is characterised by small eruptions all over the body with itching and burning sensations. Avoid synthetic clothes. Loose fitting cotton clothes help the skin to breathe. Kali bich is a good remedy to reduce these eruptions. Sulphur and Psorinum are also effective remedies for prickly heat.
  • Skin tan or hyperpigmentation. This occurs due to increased production of melanin. The skin looks           blotchy and uneven. Apply a sunscreen lotion daily . Avoid using perfumes while going out in the sun as it could irritate the skin. A detailed evaluation with a homeopathic physician is suggested. Application of lime juice or raw potato paste on the affected part helps in lightening the skin.


  1.  Cool Fundas                                                                                          

— Drink plenty of fluids
— Include salads and fruits in your diet
— Avoid oily and greasy food
— Take a cold shower twice a day
— Wash your face often with cold water
— Wear loose fitting, cotton clothes to help the skin breathe
— Use sun screen while going out
— Use sun glasses to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the sun
— Exercise regularly

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