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Molluscum and Homeopathy

Molluscum and Homeopathy



Molluscum Contagiosum is a  viral infection which causes small bumps on the skin. These are usually dome shaped, pale looking ,shiny  eruptions with a central dimple. They often occur in healthy children and adults and found to spread to other people by direct skin to skin contact and to other areas of ones own skin by scratching and rubbing. It can also be spread by contact with an object (eg, towel, gym mat, razor) that gets virus on it . Molluscum that develops in teenagers and adults may be due to sexual activity. Molluscum virus only affects the surface of the body and never spreads internally.

Molluscum eruptions usually appear 2 to 6 weeks after viral exposure. The condition lasts for several months to a few years, with an average of about 1 year. Molluscum may occur anywhere on the skin except the palms and soles. Common sites are the neck, armpits, sides of the chest, thighs, buttocks, genitals, and face. The number of bumps ranges from 1 to dozens, and they are often grouped together. The diagnosis is usually by clinical observation,  and only occasionally a biopsy is required .

Treatment : General care and hygiene needs to be maintained. i.e to not share personal items like towels, razors ,combs etc., and to avoid direct skin contact. Molluscum can take long time to disappear approximately few months to more than a year. External application and cauterisation  is done in conventional medicines but does not have promising results and recurs most of times.

However ,Homeopathy offers a safe and harmless treatment to such cases. It stimulates body healing power to fight against diseases. and  also helps in treating the cause of disease rather than suppress it.

Here, I shall share a case of mine  who was treated successfully with Homeopathy.

The patient is  a young boy of 5yrs old, who came to me with such eruptions on the chest , face-chin area and had these eruptions since 8months. There was no history of any other skin ailment and nor other infections , except that he use to catch cold at every change of season and had suffered from pneumonia once. He is friendly boy, with love for cars and animals. He is shy in front of strangers especially elders. He is fond of dry finger food like sandwiches, biscuits etc and also has a few growing pain in the calves. He performs well in school and likes to listen to stories and play with friends. He is lean and thin , and sweats mainly on head. He is cautious and will not fall down very easily. He will take care of his toys and belongings.

On the above history and after observing the child , I prescribed him Calc Phos 200 – one dose and sac lac twice a day.  And advised him Not to apply any  medicated external application as we dont want to suppress the skin . After a months time, the eruptions had reduced but were still there.  Then ,continued with sac lac , and after 2months he got viral fever. This was a good sign . I continued with sac lac and in about 7months time , the eruptions completely disappeared . This is the power of Homeopathy !

So , when the remedy is exact to the pathology and symptoms of the patient Homeopathy will give the best of results !