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Pregnancy and Homeopathy

Pregnancy and Homeopathy

 Pregnancy and Homeopathy

Correct Homeopathic treatment prior to conception can prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. Homoeopathy has the capacity to significantly help women during pregnancy which in turn helps the baby who is still in the womb. A healthy state of mind & body of the mother and father helps in healthy conception, healthy infant and a healthy child.

Homeopathic medicines play an important role in the preconception and in the pregnant state. It can aid in conception and address sexual problems as well. Cases of infertility, erectile dysfunction, tubal blocks,irregular menses,cystic ovaries have given results with homeopathy.

Homeopathy eases the phase of pregnancy. Homeopathic medicines are safe for your growing baby because only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used in their preparation. They work by stimulating the body’s own healing powers.

Let us understand the use of Homoeopathic medicines in various stages of Pregnancy:

1.The First Trimester : The  first three months are of extreme importance,as it is during this period that maximum amount of brain development takes place .Hence the development of congenital deformities and birth defects happen here.Thus it is generally advised not to take any strong medication during this time.However ,this is the best time to treat the mother’s constitution with Homeopathy,to raise the resistance of the mother and reduce the chance of some hereditary or genetic disorders. This can be done only under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Homoeopath ,as it needs detailed history and sound knowledge.

Miscarriage : The first three months are also important as maximum number of miscarriage are known to occur during this time. Some women however,abort repeatedly.Homeopathy is valuable not only in controlling abortions,but in also helping to eliminate the tendency for habitual abortion.

For eg.  Homeopathic medicines like CAULOPHYLLUM  has proven to be useful in cases of Habitual abortion.Likewise, SABINA in cases of Threatened abortion and ACTEA RACEMOSE in repeated stillbirths.

Morning sickness : A common and visible sign and symptom of pregnancy is Nausea /Morning sickness.Here

  • Colchicum 30 — smell of food being cooked is intolerable
  •  Ipecuac 30  — prepared from Ipecac root ,containing  Emetine used commonly in allopathy for persistent nausea.

2. The Second Trimester and Third Trimester : is generally a less eventful  period . This is the time to undergo various tests,to determine the Rh factor,VDRL,Urine , and blood pressure and sugar levels and treat them if diagnosed to have . Also few other complaints like back ache,constipation ,acidity and varicose veins tend to increase during this phase.Homeopathic medicines help in giving a prompt relief without any side effects.

Backache : Homeopathic medicines like AESCULUS H helps is useful when there is fullness felt in the lower parts,while KALI CARB  helps when the small of  the back feels weak and RHUS TOX when  the pain is better by continuous motion .

Constipation : This occurs  due to the pressure of the expanded uterus on the rectum,which causes stasis of blood in the pelvic region. Here drugs like ALUMINA  (soft stool also requires straining) and OPIUM ( no desire to pass stool ) ,SENNA  which is a component of allopathic purgatives ,is used homeopathically as a safe laxative.

Piles  : This can be very uncomfortable and painful..and at times cause bleeding as well. Homeopathic medicines like AESCULUS H ( piles associated with low backache) and COLLINSONIA.

Varicose Veins : The expanded uterus can increase the possibility of varicose veins in the legs due to stagnation of blood supply. It is manifested by symptoms of pain ,burning sensation while hanging the legs down and cramps in the calves.Homeopathic medicines like PULSATILLA 30  ( shifting pains ) ,VIPERA 30  ( burning sensation while hanging the legs down) ,HAMEMMALIS 30 are found to be very useful. Along with medication , ofcourse  care should be taken to not stand for a very long time and to elevate the legs while sleeping.

Dental Caries : A pregnant women tends to be prone to dental caries ,due to the increased demand for calcium made by the foetus’s body.This leads to toothaches .Hence,oral hygiene is very important during pregnancy .Homeopathic medicines like CHAMOMILLA ( irritable ,shrieking toothache worse by warm drinks),PLANTAGO ( can be applied locally) ,COFFEA ( toothache better by cold water),KREOSOT are found to be very useful for toothache and dental caries.

AFTER DELIVERY : After the delivery , ARNICA 200 given three times a day, for first 3-4days promotes healing and recovery.

Breast care and Lactation : Breast care is of utmost important . Homeopathic medicines like  ASAFOETIDA ( hing) , PULSATILLA ( anxious patients with swollen and painful breast and milk suppressed ) are given to increase the flow of milk .Fissures of nipples during lactation can be treated with RATANHIA 30 and also GRAPHITES 30 for cracked nipples.

So, to conclude ,Pregnancy is a  beginning to a new phase of a women’s life .So,be happy and be healthy and enjoy every bit of it !!

NOTE: Kindly note that the above medicines are examples of few Homoeopathic medicines which have been useful to many patients , but it  is only with correct individual history and examination that an accurate remedy for that patient can be decided upon.









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