Homeopathy in Children

Homeopathy in Children

Benefits : of Homoepathy  in Children                                                        

  • Easy to administer
  • No side effects
  • Fast to act
  • Treat the problem from the roots and hence helps in reducing the recurrence of ailments.
  • Raises immunity…thereby   concentration  and productivity of the child.


Some common questions which  come in our minds when we think of giving Homeopathic medicines to our children?

  1. Homoeopathic medicines help to raise your child’s immunity. How does it work?
  • It stimulates body’s own healing process.
  • It works at root level and restores deviated  immunity back to normalcy.
  • It works by addressing the genetic tendencies.
  • Homeopathy uses natural medicinal substances in ultra-minute quantity rendering a treatment that is extremely effective yet absolutely free from any side-effects whatsoever.

2.       How does healing take place with Homoeopathic treatment ?

  • Physical Level – Increased Immunity, Improved Digestion, Regulation of Sleep, Appetite, Bowel Habits.
  • Emotional level – Calmer Happier children, Reduced Aggression, Reduction in self-injurious behaviour and in harming others.


At ‘Care n Cure ‘ Homoeopathic clinic, we have successfully treated—

  •  Acute cases- like cough ,cold, loosemotions ,fevers ..etc..
  •  Immunity- so recurrence of ailments is arrested.

Also, majority of children ailments like :

  • Skin diseases, Tonsils and Adenoids, breathing troubles, asthma
  • Allergies , food-poisoning, Digestion troubles, and also aids easy dentition.
  • Bedwetting, Worms , ADHD etc..
  • Skin – eczema , diaper rash, fungal infections etc…
  • Improving concentration of the child, hyperactive  children, slow learners
  •  Improving the quality of life in   Mental retardation and autism , cerebral palsy etc..
  • Along with this homoeopathic medicines help children to absorb all the necessary nutrients from their daily diet without having the need to introduce any dietary supplement. This helps in the overall growth of the child.