Online Consultations

Online Consultations


  • CONSULT ONLINE: Dr.Neha Smart can also be consulted via video conference through Skype combined with unlimited emails and telephonic conversations in between appointments . Patients whose complaints can be managed by distant treatment and don’t need to be examined physically are seen via video conference.

Our specially designed programme enables any patient to conveniently sign up for treatment with us, no matter where he is located in the world.

Also, patients who get transferred elsewhere, can still continue and avail the treatment with the same doctor through online consultation.


Homoeopathy will now be at your finger-tips in just 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Choose your treatment plan.
  • 2. Make Payment.The case shall be studied by the doctor in detail and a remedy will be selected
  • 3. Receive the medicine at your door step.

The doctor is with the patient with 2 way video conference for about 1 hour for the first consultation. The remedy is prescribed after the consultation which can be sent through courier services at your door step within India.

For patients abroad, same procedure is followed and they have to wait for the medicine, as the shipping time will be different at different locations.

TREATMENT PLAN (with Medication)

Country First Consultation 3mths 3mths 1year
INDIA INR 1000 INR 3000 INR 4000 INR 8000
Rest of the World USD 30 USD 70 USD 100 USD 180


Country First Consultation Follow up
INDIA INR 1000 INR 500
Rest of the World USD 30 USD 15


Add : F-4,Taksh Complex II,Vasnaroad,Vadodara- 390007
Time : morn : 10:30 – 12:30 and Eve : 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Sunday closed.


Product Name Description INDIA Outside INDIA
Family Kit FAMILY Homoeopathic KIT for acidity, cold, cough, injury, nausea INR  300 USD 10
Pain Kit PAIN Homoeopathic Kit (injury, muscular pains, arthritic pain, backache, healing of fracture ) INR  300 USD 10
Child Kit CHILD Homeopathic Kit (easy dentition ,cold, cough, worms,) INR  300 USD 10
Geriatic Kit GERIATIC Homeopathic Kit (Constipation, joint pain, sleep disorders, tiredness, urine incontinence) INR  300 USD 10
(Piles + Git) Kit GIT Homeopathic Kit(acidity, flatulence, constipation, piles INR  300 USD 10
Menopause kit Menopause Homoepathic kit(hot flushes,irritability,palpitations) INR 300 USD 10
Prostate Kit Prostate Homoeopathic Kit(frequency of urine,dribbling of urine ) INR 300 USD 10
Courier Charges shall be extra depending on the location.


  • 1.DEPOSIT the amount directly in the ACCOUNT:
    Name of Account : Caren CureHomoeopathic Clinic (no gaps)
    A/C No. : ICICI BANK – 085505500022.
  • 2.DEMAND DRAFT /MONEY ORDER in favour of : Carencure Homoeopathic Clinic