Prostate Homeopathic Kit

Prostate Homoeopathic kit


Prostate gland enlargement, also knows as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is a common problem among older men. More than one-half of men over the age of 70 have symptomatic BPH. The cause of prostate gland enlargement is not known.

Common symptoms of Enlarge prostate :

  • Frequent urination  especially at night
  • Incomplete urination and urgency to urinate.
  • Difficulty in starting the urination.
  • Dribbling of urine.


This unemptied bladder leads to some residual urine always being present in the bladder  and hence  increased the chance of frequent urinarty tract infections and  urinary stone formation.

Homeopathic treatment for enlarged prostate:

Homeopathic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is based on the severity of symptoms, the size of the prostate gland and your overall medical condition. Homoeopathy should be considered as a treatment modality only after a consultation with an urologist for a precise diagnosis.Homeopathic medicines are safe  and natural .Easy to take and with no side effects

This Homeopathic Prostate Kit  can be used in mild and moderate symptoms of prostate enlargement.

It can reduce urinary frequency, improve the flow and prevent urinary infections.

This kit shall contain medicines in pill form and also liquid form .

Medicines : Dosage : 4pills 3times a day

Drops :  10 drops twice a day.








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