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Homeopathy for Piles and Fissure.

Haemorrhoids, also known as Piles, are enlarged and swollen blood vessels which are in or around the lower rectum and the anus. Most of the time you are not aware of having haemorrhoids but in most cases you will feel a small lump which is just inside or outside the anus.

Bleeding from a  pile though not serious, can be scary when first discovered .

Constipation, pregnancy, ageing, hereditary factors, heavy lifting or even chronic cough are few common factors that can cause piles. While smaller piles disappear as the constipation is better , some may have symptoms of bleeding, itching and pain and mucus discharge while passing stool.

Most of the time Piles are painless, but when there is a tear or crack in the lining of the lower rectum, there is a formation of anal fissure which is usually associated with lot of pricking , burning pains . Cancer of the rectum, tumors and other inflammatory conditions need to be ruled out to finally diagnose the condition as Anal Fissure.Fissure can be very painful with pain lasting for several hours after defecation and associated itching. Constipation , repeated diarrhoea and strains during childbirth are some of the contributing factors.

Sometimes there is another condition wherein a small channel is formed with its internal opening in the anal canal and the external opening in the skin near the anus– is known as a Fistula. Crohn’s disease, an infection near the anus forming an abscess, diverticulitis and tuberculosis can be few causes of anal Fistula.  Symptoms associated are skin irritation,  swelling and redness of the anal region and a constant oozing or discharge from the anus and pain on slightest movement like sitting down  or cough .

Treatment and Prevention :

  • Increasing fibre and fluid intake in diet have an important role to play in prevention .
  • Avoid straining and treat constipation if any -which is most useful to avoid recurrence.
  • Surgery where medicinal line of treatment has not worked or if the piles are of severe intensity.
  • Homeopathy— Homeopathy has an important role to play and is inline as the next option available to patients who do not want to go for surgery . Not only does it give  immediate relief from stabbing ,pricking and burning pains but also stops the bleeding.
  • Homeopathy works in both acute and chronic stage. Homeopathic medicines will not only cure constipation if any and also help in curing other related problems like fissures etc.
  • Homeopathy treats the man in the disease, hence each patient suffering from piles/fissure will have a different remedy according to his or her signs and symptoms.
  • Homeopathy will correct the underlying disturbed gastric system like chronic acidity/ gastritis and constipation  and improve the anal mucosa.
  • Homeopathic remedies are not habit forming and can stop the need to take laxatives which the patient has been used to taking  since many months or years,
  • These medicines are safe , harmless and has no toxic substances.