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Homeopathy and Skin Problems

Homeopathy and skin problems go hand in hand. It has beneficial effects in treatment of Skin and hair ailments.

Homeopathy treats the root cause of the disease. Most of the skin ailments are known to, Eczema ,Psoriasis, Acne /pimples,Corns ,Warts ,Fungal  infections to name a few . The patient takes conventional treatment which helps them for sometime. However the ailment reoccurs again and again when the medicine is stopped!! This is where Homeopathy makes a difference.

It cures the patient of that ailment permanently.Being based on the Law of Similiars  and treating the person as a whole , it helps in curing the patient permanently.

A detailed history is taken and then analysed to get to one single remedy. It is a tailor made approach , meaning  a given medicine will not help the other person suffering from the same ailment.

Here I shall discuss a few skin diseases :

  1. Warts : basically viral in origin. They are  present commonly on fingers, face,hands ,genitals. Conventional treatment offer to freeze,burn,electrocute,shave them but all have temporary relief.Homeopathy has a good solution to this . One of the most common medicine known to everybody is Thuja but others like Antim crud, Nitric acid,Causticum and Calcarea Carb also have given positive results. Knowledge of the disease and the drugs will help in differentiating one drug from the other.
  2. Acne /pimples : a common ailments especially for the younger age group.The cause of  acne are mainly genetic, hormonal disturbances,dandruff, medication ,cosmetics ..Homeopathy  treats the cause of acne ,thereby reducing it and also reducing its recurrence. Scars are also known to  fade off .Common remedies for acne are Berberis aquifolium, Natrum mur , Kali Bromatum.
  3. Urticaria : commonly understood as ‘Allergy’,where in one gets elevated lesions all over the body with severe itching . It can last for a short time or can even last longer. Occasionally one finds swelling of lips and also difficulty in breathing .The cause of Urticaria is not known but can be triggered by some oils in food,preservatives in food,cosmetics, dust mite,pollens etc…Homeopathy treats the cause of urticaria eg. urticaria worse from eating outside food — remedy- Pulsatilla,bryonia  .Urticaria from cosmetics – bovista….Some of the common remedies for urticaria are Urtica urens, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, Nux vomica ,Rhus tox.

These are a few ailments  mentioned above. Likewise Homeopathy has results in other skin diseases like corns, fungus, Psoriasis , Fixed Drug Rash ,Burns etc.

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