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Why is Homoeopathy called as a ‘holistic Therapy’?

Homeopathy does not treat the patient superficially by masking the symptoms but heals from within, in a gentle way, without any adverse drug effects. It will take the complete picture of the individual to arrive at the correct medicine. Complete picture means mental and physical symptoms and observation of the person.

Eg. What do we do if we find a dried-up plant? We do not moisten each and every leaf, but water the roots of the plant so that it nourishes the plant from within.

Are there any harmful side effects of Homeopathic medicines ?

No, there are no harmful dangerous side effects of Homeopathic medicines. These are powerful energetic stimuli and must be used under professional guidance. Sometimes, as part of the curative process, a person may experience a temporary intensification of symptoms for a very short duration. Sometimes you may get cold, skin rash or little discharge after taking homeopathic medicine that means the system is getting cleared.

Do I need to follow strict diet-restrictions ? I have heard that you need to abstain from taking coffee and spices like onion or garlic while on Homoeo-treatment, is it true ?

Homeopathic treatment does not call for any kind of ‘strict’ diet-restriction for its effectivity. The only restriction I suggest is in cases of food-allergy, where I ask my patients to avoid the allergens till the medicine starts working.

One can take water [since its odourless and non-stimulating] along with the medicine. As medicines are left to be absorbed on the tongue the patient is advised to abstain from eating or drinking any thing 15 minutes before and after taking the medicine.

Also minimise or avoid raw onion, raw garlic, coffee, menthol, camphor or any strong smelling substances. These may act as antidotes to the homeopathic medicines.

From what age can one start Homeopathic treatment ?

Homeopathy is safe for all ages and can be safely taken even during the crucial period of pregnancy or lactation. I myself have given Homeopathic medication to my 3mths old daughter.

Children love to take Homeopathic medicine since it is sweet and easy to take. In fact, they remind their parents for the doses, making it a ‘Kids-Friendly’ therapy.

How much time does it take to get cured with Homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment can act as quick as any other medicinal system [at times, quicker than all]. For acute conditions [like common cold, influenza or hay fever], couple of visits may be all that is necessary; while for the chronic ailments, treatment duration can be in few months, depending on the pathological progression of the presented disease.

Are Homeopathic medicines regulared in the US and UK ?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines are fully regulated as drugs by the United States FDA, governed by the ‘Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States’. Homeopathy has been available on the NHS since 1948. There are 5 NHS funded homeopathic hospitals in the UK. The largest, the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, treats around 2,000 patients per week.

Why to consult a Homeopath if Homeopathic products are available over-the-counter [OTC] at drug stores ?

For any particular disease, Homeopathic drug repertoire indicates hundreds of remedies to choose from. It is a skill of a Homeopath, through the training s/he has received, to select an appropriate remedy out of the enormous choices. Only the most similar remedy can provide a rapid and permanant cure. Thus it is wiser to take a professional consultation instead of trying out the health-products that are available in drug-stores, which are primarily a mixture of 3-8 commonly indicated remedies for the complaint, since your condition may require a more specific remedy. Apart from the selection of a remedy, a prescription also involves deciding the correct potency [strength] and the number of doses to be taken within a day’s time. An error in assessing either of these will not give the desirable result.

I have heard that the base for the Homeopathic tablets is lactose; can i take Homeopathy if I suffer with Lactose-intolerance ?

Yes, its true that the Homeopathic tablets [but not pills] are made up of lactose, but in a very small amount. The quantity of lactose in these tablets is substantially less than the one that leads to symptomatic manifestation after ingestion of lactose in people who have ‘lactose intolerance’.

Since these tablets are one form of the drug-vehicles, the medicine can also be given in dilution form [water-based], thus completely avoiding the lactose-content, if needed.

Can patients suffering from Diabetes take Homeopathic medicines?

Yes why not? As the daily dietary intake of sugar by a person would normally far exceed the minuscule quantity consumed in the form of homeopathic pills (Approximately the quantity of sugar consumed with 1 cup of tea is same as being consumed by entire week of Homeopathic medication). The patient also has an option of taking the medicines in liquid form, or by inhalation. Besides this, homeopathic pills are composed of lactose that is not harmful even for diabetes.

Do homeopathic medicines have steroids?

No. It is a misconception that has been developing in the recent times. Due in many cases after seeing the improvement in a very short time people think that homeopaths give steroids.

All Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by using scientific predefined methods of extracting the medicinal properties from source substances. There is no scope or need to adulterate the derived medicines with any other substances, as this would completely obliterate the curative properties of the same. Also if steroid is added the medicines will taste bitter.

If the patient has any doubts he should check the medicines from a standard laboratory before consuming any quantity

Does homeopathy take a long time to act?

It is a myth that medicines act slowly. Its action is quick and the effect lasts much longer, often forever. The disease is cured from its roots. The time taken for the cure is proportionate to the chronicity of the ailment. In fact if a patient seeks homoeopathic treatment at the onset of an ailment, he stands great chances of a really quick recovery. Also in acute illnesses homoeopathic medicines act fast and effectively.

Does the Homeopath give the same white pills for all illnesses/patients?

What seems so is not true. The white pills which are dispensed from a homeopath are only neutral vehicles or carriers of actual medicines that is sprinkled on them. When the actual drug is poured on these white pills they get coated with the curative power of the drug. Different drugs are usually poured in various differing potencies as to best suit different patients.

There are about 3000 medicines and 10 variable potencies (powers of medicines) of each medicine so minimum 30,000 various permutation and combinations are utilized.

Is it true that Homeopathic medicines are only placebos (sugar pills)?

No. The pills of Homeopathic medicines are made from sugar but they work only as    vehicles. Actual liquid medicine prepared from various natural medicinal substances, is poured over the pills and dispensed as medications.

Homeopathic medicines are also available in liquid form or tinctures, which can be administered directly or by diluting them in water whenever required.

Why do homeopaths do not tell the name of the medicines that has been given?

The name of the medicine is not disclosed for the benefit of the patient. If the patient after knowing the name of the medicines starts taking it according to his or her whims and fancies; it will distort the disease picture and in the future treatment of the patient will be much more difficult. Also certain medicines have to be changed and given as per the state .

If the patient wants a copy of case record can be provided to the patient but at the end of the treatment, when patient has completely recovered.

Does homeopathy believe in disease diagnosis and the pathological investiations?

Yes. It is very essential to diagnose a disease, but for the selection of the remedy we require to know the characteristic symptoms of the patient. The investigations helps in confirming the disease knowledge and so diagnose the ailments better. And then a medicine which not only covers these symptoms but also covers the pathology of the disease is given to find a perfect CURE.

Do homeopathic medicines bring about aggravation initially?

In some cases there is an initial aggravation of the symptoms but it is a good sign that shows the medicine is right and has started acting. But this happens in a few cases and not all patients will have an aggravation; most of the patients have simple long lasting amelioration.

Is it safe to take Homeopathic medicines during Pregnancy?

Yes. It is always better to take homeopathic medicines from a qualified homeopathic doctor. If the treatment is planned in a proper way it will have lots of benefits to the mother and the child. The child will be much healthier and the medicines will help to fight the hereditary diseases which are carried from generation to generation. In fact if homeopathy is given during pregnancy, the delivery would be normal and easier. The child will be relatively healthier and emotionally well balanced, intellectually sound and physically stronger.

Does Homeopathy work in acute cases?

Yes. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies that give prompt relief in acute cases like fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, headaches etc. when the person opts for homeopathy at the onset of the ailment.

Should one take homeopathic medicines only from a qualified doctor?

Yes, he should. There have been instances of miracle cures by lay people practicing homeopathy, but it is always advisable to go to a homeopathic physician, as he is qualified to judge the severity and depth of your illness and thereby prevent undue complications later on, which could be overlooked by a hobby practitioner due to his ignorance of scientific medical knowledge. Only a qualified physician can guide you towards a complete mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and pathological recovery.

What are Homeopathic Medicines made of?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared largely from naturally occurring substances – plant kingdom, mineral kingdom and animal kingdom. When these substances are diluted as per homeopathic guidelines, these substances lose their natural toxicity and only the medicinal curative properties remain active. Mainly plants and minerals are used as base substances.