• I am suffering from Male pattern Baldness .It is quite common in today's generation but in my case it was in a very primitive age,at the age of 16yrs.I was diagnosed to have Grade III was a matter of concern for me. Initially I use to depend on Allopathic medication ,but in just 5mths of my treatment with Dr.Neha ,I found a remarkable difference in my hair .My hairloss had reduced considerably. As the name suggests 'Care N Cure' ,the treatment given is also full of care and assurance. Also the treatment given does not create any disturbance in your daily routine,just take 3 pills at a time . I appreciate Dr.Neha also for keeping records and pictures of my hair in order to judge my improvement. Thanks once again !

    Ravi Patel,

  • I am suffering from Psoriasis since last 22- 25 years. It started with the sole of my feet,was a big patch.Initially I took some allopathic medicine.Then after sometime a similar patch reappeared on the other leg, elbows and the forehead which has been there for the last 10-15years. I am very much satisfied with Dr.Neha 's treatment. In very short span of time ,psoriasis is much under control.It reappears only during the change of season ,but there is much improvement in my skin -redness and scaling and spread all have reduced. I have finished about 10-11mths of treatment . Thank you Dr.Neha

    Mr.Keyur Dave,

  • My son Adit is 14 years old and use to suffer from recurrent cold and cough since childhood. I started Homeopathic treatment for Adit with Dr.Neha Smart . Her treatment not only relieved his symptoms but also improved his immunity . His recurrence had also improved. I took treatment for one year and find a lot of improvement in my child's health and immunity . He can also have cold drinks now,which he could not have prior to treatment . Thank you Doctor

    Digna Patel,

  • My daughter Ms Shaivya Upadhya , studying in std 9th was suffering from excessive hair fall. Dr.Neha first diagnosed the ailment properly and then gave a wonderful treatment . Her hairfall had remarkably reduced within 2 months.And along with hairloss , her dandruff was also much better. I am very much satisfied with Dr.Smart's treatment.Good service is provided with proper care and affection. Thank you Dr.Neha


  • Hi, I am Dr.Parth Jain , from a place near Vadodara. I have been suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since the last 7-8 years. I have started Homeopathic treatment with Dr.Neha Smart since last 4-5mths. I am very happy with her treatment. My symptoms especially pain and stiffness is much better . My back would never be able to tolerate Air condition,but with Dr.Neha's treatment I can also tolerate the air condition also. I feel more than 80% improvement in my symptoms I am very satisfied with Dr.Smart's treatment and her atttitude. Thanks

    Dr.Parth Jain,

  • I, D.R.Shamla ,am taking treatment from Dr.Neha for dust allergy and within 3mths my dust allergy has reduced and feeling quite healthy. Thanks to Dr.Neha

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    D.R Shamla,

  • I have been taking treatment from Dr.Neha since the last 1.5years for severe psoriasis which I am suffering from 15yrs.Initially the treatment did not show much improvement but since last one year I can feel tremendous improvement and is in control. I am very satisfied with the treatment and will always be thankful to Dr.Neha.

    Ms.Veena B.A,