Dr.Neha Smart


Dr.Neha Smart


Dr. Neha Smart completed her medical graduation as a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery [BHMS] from the University of Pune.

Being interested   in the field of Homoeopathic Treatment in Gynaecology, women’s health  issues, pregnancy, childbirth and infant care, she has done a   certificate course on “Managing Obstetrical & Gynecological Problems in General Practitioners Dispensary” organized by The Maharashtra Medical Foundation in PUNE.


  1.  After taking experience from reputed corporate health clinics and practising independently for few years , I was facing a few hurdles . Thats when I came in contact with a School of Predictive Homoeopathy which is nothing but true scientific Hahnemanniam Homeopathy. And  I successfully completed a practioners course called ‘SCPH’ Speciality Certificate in Predictive Homoeopathy’ in December 2014. This course is conducted by the International Center of Homoeopathic Medicine  and recognised by the ECPD United Nations.
  2. Worked with DR.BATRA’S POSITIVE HEALTH CLINIC in Bangalore and Vadodara for 4years in 2006- 2009. Here she was designated as a Chief Homoeopathic consultant and was handling number of patients.
  3. Affiliated with “DISHA SCHOOL OF AUTISM” in Vadodara as a Homoeopathic Consultant since 5years.
  4. Being featured in Femina Gujarat special issue of August 2012- speaking about myths and facts of Homoeopathy. Also featured in the  bulletin of Rotary Club of Vadodara,named ‘MAITREE’ in the December 2014 issue volume XVII.
  5. Given a talk to the UWA-University of Women’s Association in Vadodara 2011 on ‘Obesity in Women and Health issues in Women’.
  6. Conducted courses  which introduces the common person to the basic principles of homeopathic treatment in their daily life.


  • A self-motivated, performance-driven registered Homoeopath with consistent performance.
  • Having taken a rich experience of about 8years by working in hospitals and private clinics and with corporates likes Dr Batra’s , she runs her own private clinic  since 4years in Vadodara.
  • Treated ailments from several segments like Hair namely hairloss , Skin cases like seborrheic dermatitis, leucoderma, psoriasis, lichen planus, acne etc.
  • Her key segments are Children disorders, Hair and Skin , Female and Psychiatric disorders 
  • Also lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus and hypertension where along with the medication planned diet and de-stressing tips are advised.
  • In addition to this , female disorders like irregular menses, PCOS, acne , urinary infections and infertility and respiratory diseases like asthma, allergic rhinitis, and children ailments are successfully treated
  •  With medication and  Counselling, motivated people  to come out of depression, life style diseases, and psychosomatic diseases .