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Disha Medical Camp 2014

Disha Medical Camp 2014

Medical CampDisha is a Direction of Hope for a better world for people with Disabilities. Having Founded in 1999, Disha charitable trust runs Special school and Autism Centre , Community based rehabilitation program and Vocational training for people with special needs. Over the years, Disha has established itself as a premiere institution in India providing comprehensive and wide range of services under one roof for people with Autism, Downs syndrome, Cerebral palsy and Multiple disabilities.

As part of an annual activity, Disha School organizes a Medical Camp every year . The medical camp for 2014 was conducted on 14 th Dec 2014 . Medical experts like Paediatricians , Opthalmologists, Ent specialists, Dentists, Homeopathic consultants and Audiology technician were on the panel . Patients were given free of cost medication, knee gaiters, hand calipers , audio aids etc.

Not only children from Disha School are benefited, but our Special educators identify such patients from slums of Vadodara and adjoining rural areas and extend the benefits of this medical camp to them.

I am honored to contribute as a Homeopathic doctor in these camps since last 5 years. Homoeopathy helps in improving the patients immunity so that he /she does not catch recurrent infections, and also help in improving the development of the child , as well as their adaptability to their surroundings. Also , as they are safe , easy to administer and without any side effects, Homoeopathy is a preferred choice amongst many now!

I would like to extend the benefit of an annual medical camp further , by conducting regular follow ups once a month. i.e on every first Wednesday of the month between 9 a.m to 10a.m.

Enclosed is a snippet of ‘Maitree’, the magazine,a Bulletin of Rotary Club of Baroda, which covered the event, apart from various local news channels and newspapers.

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