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Homeopathy for Piles and Fissure.

Homeopathy for Piles and Fissure.

Haemorrhoids, also known as Piles, are enlarged and swollen blood vessels which are in or around the lower rectum and the anus. Most of the time you are not aware of having haemorrhoids but in most cases you will feel a small lump which is just inside or outside the anus.

Bleeding from a  pile though not serious, can be scary when first discovered .

Constipation, pregnancy, ageing, hereditary factors, heavy lifting or even chronic cough are few common factors that can cause piles. While smaller piles disappear as the constipation is better , some may have symptoms of bleeding, itching and pain and mucus discharge while passing stool.

Most of the time Piles are painless, but when there is a tear or crack in the lining of the lower rectum, there is a formation of anal fissure which is usually associated with lot of pricking , burning pains . Cancer of the rectum, tumors and other inflammatory conditions need to be ruled out to finally diagnose the condition as Anal Fissure.Fissure can be very painful with pain lasting for several hours after defecation and associated itching. Constipation , repeated diarrhoea and strains during childbirth are some of the contributing factors.

Sometimes there is another condition wherein a small channel is formed with its internal opening in the anal canal and the external opening in the skin near the anus– is known as a Fistula. Crohn’s disease, an infection near the anus forming an abscess, diverticulitis and tuberculosis can be few causes of anal Fistula.  Symptoms associated are skin irritation,  swelling and redness of the anal region and a constant oozing or discharge from the anus and pain on slightest movement like sitting down  or cough .

Treatment and Prevention :

  • Increasing fibre and fluid intake in diet have an important role to play in prevention .
  • Avoid straining and treat constipation if any -which is most useful to avoid recurrence.
  • Surgery where medicinal line of treatment has not worked or if the piles are of severe intensity.
  • Homeopathy— Homeopathy has an important role to play and is inline as the next option available to patients who do not want to go for surgery . Not only does it give  immediate relief from stabbing ,pricking and burning pains but also stops the bleeding.
  • Homeopathy works in both acute and chronic stage. Homeopathic medicines will not only cure constipation if any and also help in curing other related problems like fissures etc.
  • Homeopathy treats the man in the disease, hence each patient suffering from piles/fissure will have a different remedy according to his or her signs and symptoms.
  • Homeopathy will correct the underlying disturbed gastric system like chronic acidity/ gastritis and constipation  and improve the anal mucosa.
  • Homeopathic remedies are not habit forming and can stop the need to take laxatives which the patient has been used to taking  since many months or years,
  • These medicines are safe , harmless and has no toxic substances.





The OXFORD dictionary says Endocrine comes from Greek word – ENDON – meaning within and KRINO- meaning shift (to adjust or tune to suit the circumstances).


The functions of the body are controlled by

  • CNS

The endocrinal system controls the metabolic function with the help of hormones. Hormone is a chemical substance secreted in the body fluid, which exerts a physiological control effect on the cells of the body. It works to create wonders or even can play a havoc!

The thyroid hormone – TSH – is secreted by Anterior pituitary gland and directly affects the thyroid gland which is present in the front of the neck like a butterfly. It regulates our body’s metabolism, the way our body utilises protein for growth, development and energy in every cell and also aids in temperature regulation. It also helps release catecholamines like dopamine- which is a feel good hormone and influences other hormones.

Disorders of thyroid function develop as a result of primary dysfunction or disease of the thyroid gland or secondarily as a result of pituitary or hypothalamic alterations. Primary thyroid disorders result in alterations of thyroid hormones levels with secondary feedback effect on pituitary TSH levels. Thyroid disease also can present with no or minimal symptoms but with abnormal laboratory values. This is known as Subclinical Thyroid disease.


Emotions or thought process arises in the MIND. THOUGHTS even not seen, are very powerful. A thought is a link of proteins and if in anyway it is too aggressive for the body to tolerate, it gets transformed into some problem in the organ that is predisposed to ill health in that person. Homeopathy believes that only when the mind is affected the body will show disease. We have to understand the perception of the individual to a particular incident.  The REACTION OF THE PATIENT to the given circumstances- which is unique to him.  To cure cases like Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid , the Homeopath has to understand the altered perception of the patient and also his basic nature and physical traits .

Research says that people who are driven to “get things done”, who have professions and activities that involve competition (business managers, vendors, sales persons, sports competitors) , those who are under pressure like ( journalists, manufacturers) or those under constant pressure ( like working two jobs, single mothers) are more susceptible to this. Children suffer thyroid disorders when they are pushed by parent, coach or teacher. Sometimes plain stress, lack of rest ,bad relationship, frequent flying, death of loved ones , shifting , change in climate, diet and exercise can also manifest as high TSH or high fasting levels.

A Homoeopath works like an old time family doctor, who tries and understand your genetic predisposition, your stress levels along with physical signs and symptoms which the patient is experiencing. He will keenly understand this and interpret these in his homeopathic language and prescribe you one remedy which will be your remedy for the given problem. Such a remedy will be different for each individual as Homoeopathy cures the person and not the disease only!

Apart from such holistic medication, one also needs to improve the intake of iodine by having iodised salt also iodine rich food like banana, carrots strawberries ,milk and whole grain, apart from green leafy vegetables and regular vegetables and dal. Restrict the packaged foods or ready to cook food or processed food strictly .Sleep well and exercise regularly and supplement yourself with vitamin B, C AND E complex.

Not overdoing exercise is as important as exercising!  A malfunctioning thyroid is already a sign of poor recovery, so sleeping well and waking up fresh are equally important. Exercises improve the delivery and uptake of oxygen by the cells. Try and perform cardio exercises like cycling, swimming etc that will not stress your weight bearing joints and spend 1-2 days a week in weight training which strengthens the musculoskeleton system.

And lastly, invest your time in what you like to do, to cultivate meaningful relationships and for many it is the abilitiy to say ‘NO’. Learn to excuse yourself from all assumed tasks and responsibilities and listen to your inner voice. Learn to speak your mind and say NO to that thyroid pill!





Homeopathy for Dogs and skin problems

Homeopathy for Dogs and skin problems

Having two dogs at home, one a Labrador named Sonu and another a street dog Monty, I have come across many skin ailments and its solution with Homeopathy.

In humans with skin ailments, I would typically ask about the stress factors and modalities and thereby prescribe the medicines. But in case of animals, one needs to keenly observe and then prescribe. has a long-standing chronic skin problem of dry eczema. His skin is dry and scales often. He needs to be brushed daily and is better with coconut oil application which acts as a lubricant and prevents the skin from drying soon. His skin problem typically increases in winters due to the dryness in weather but nevertheless is persistent throughout the year. We tried adding a teaspoon of fish oil in his meals as well as a little bit of crushed garlic but found only little difference. Also tried lots of allopathic medications ranging from antibiotics to anti-fungal tablets and ointments but with little improvement.

While we substituted milk with buttermilk, as suggested by an Ayurvedic doctor, I also started giving him Homeopathic medication. Emotionally Monty is a very insecure dog and desires company – as he will always be where Sonu or we are sitting. He does not like baths and cries while having one. He wanted to be treated equally as Sonu and is possessive of his bed. He was so protective of my daughter while she was a new born, that he would not let any outsider come near her. With such a picture of his in my mind- I initially started with Sulphur 30 twice a day for him. It did reduce his itching but that’s it… then Psorinum as a nosode and then Petrolum – but all worked partially.

He soon started shedding his hair and dry patches of skin was even more visible. At this point in time, I started with Sepia, not in form on internal medication but in a spray form. Sepia 200 mixed in 1litre of clean distilled water to be sprayed once a day and found to have good results with it.  His skin improved and his hair started growing. His coat has improved over a period of about 2months

While he is still on treatment, taking internal medication like Sulphur 30 on and off, Homeopathy has given me wonderful results.







Molluscum and Homeopathy

Molluscum and Homeopathy



Molluscum Contagiosum is a  viral infection which causes small bumps on the skin. These are usually dome shaped, pale looking ,shiny  eruptions with a central dimple. They often occur in healthy children and adults and found to spread to other people by direct skin to skin contact and to other areas of ones own skin by scratching and rubbing. It can also be spread by contact with an object (eg, towel, gym mat, razor) that gets virus on it . Molluscum that develops in teenagers and adults may be due to sexual activity. Molluscum virus only affects the surface of the body and never spreads internally.

Molluscum eruptions usually appear 2 to 6 weeks after viral exposure. The condition lasts for several months to a few years, with an average of about 1 year. Molluscum may occur anywhere on the skin except the palms and soles. Common sites are the neck, armpits, sides of the chest, thighs, buttocks, genitals, and face. The number of bumps ranges from 1 to dozens, and they are often grouped together. The diagnosis is usually by clinical observation,  and only occasionally a biopsy is required .

Treatment : General care and hygiene needs to be maintained. i.e to not share personal items like towels, razors ,combs etc., and to avoid direct skin contact. Molluscum can take long time to disappear approximately few months to more than a year. External application and cauterisation  is done in conventional medicines but does not have promising results and recurs most of times.

However ,Homeopathy offers a safe and harmless treatment to such cases. It stimulates body healing power to fight against diseases. and  also helps in treating the cause of disease rather than suppress it.

Here, I shall share a case of mine  who was treated successfully with Homeopathy.

The patient is  a young boy of 5yrs old, who came to me with such eruptions on the chest , face-chin area and had these eruptions since 8months. There was no history of any other skin ailment and nor other infections , except that he use to catch cold at every change of season and had suffered from pneumonia once. He is friendly boy, with love for cars and animals. He is shy in front of strangers especially elders. He is fond of dry finger food like sandwiches, biscuits etc and also has a few growing pain in the calves. He performs well in school and likes to listen to stories and play with friends. He is lean and thin , and sweats mainly on head. He is cautious and will not fall down very easily. He will take care of his toys and belongings.

On the above history and after observing the child , I prescribed him Calc Phos 200 – one dose and sac lac twice a day.  And advised him Not to apply any  medicated external application as we dont want to suppress the skin . After a months time, the eruptions had reduced but were still there.  Then ,continued with sac lac , and after 2months he got viral fever. This was a good sign . I continued with sac lac and in about 7months time , the eruptions completely disappeared . This is the power of Homeopathy !

So , when the remedy is exact to the pathology and symptoms of the patient Homeopathy will give the best of results !