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Many of us have heard a bit of flower remedies, but don’t know how exactly it works and for what ailments it can be best given! We also doubt the efficacy of these medicines and wonder whether they actually act! So, as it is only experience that would enforce the belief about its action,let me share a bit of information about these flower remedies!

Invented  by   Dr. Edward Bach, these are also known as Bach flower remedies. Dr. Bach isolated and classified 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 essences with which he succeeded in healing patients’ ailments while taking into account their individual emotional states. Dr. Bach found that certain flower essences led to self-healing, as they purified the patient of negative elements that adversely affected their health. Though these cannot strictly be classified as ‘medicine, we must bear in mind that these are ‘regulators’ of the human mind. As mind is always altered in every physical and mental disease, these flower remedies are prescribed   based on the mood and disposition of the patient.

Some FAQ’s :

  • Is it safe to take the remedies alongside other kinds of medicine?

Normally there is no problem with taking Bach remedies alongside other medicines. The active ingredient in a flower remedy is an energy from the plant, not a physical substance, so it will not interfere with the physical action of the other medicine. Nor will the other medicine stop the Bach remedy from working.

These can also be given along with Homoeopathic medicines ,i.e it does not impair the action of Homoeopathic drugs .Unlike Homoeopathy ,wherein there are many number of medicines, these flower remedies are only 38 in number and no potencies  of these remedies.

There are absolutely  no diet or other restrictions   when one takes these remedies. It is not habit forming nor does it have any side effects. Upto  3 to even 6 medicines can be mixed and given together

  • Can you take the remedies in tea, coffee and so on?

You can put the remedies in tea, coffee, fizzy drinks etc., and in this respect they are not like homoeopathic remedies.

Putting the drops into a hot drink has the advantage of evaporating the alcohol. We sometimes recommend this method to people who for one reason or another dislike the alcohol content.


  • I have heard that if you take a remedy for too long you will experience the negative state of that remedy.

This is not true. The remedies are entirely positive and cannot under any circumstances cause the negative state to appear.

  • When does one stop taking the remedies?

When   the problem that is being treated has gone. There is no need to continue taking them in case it comes back and of course no need to wean oneself off the remedies gradually, as you have to do with drugs like steroids and beta-blockers. Nor do you need to take a complete course of doses over a specific number of days, as you do with antibiotics.

  • Is it always better to select as few remedies as possible?

The normal guideline is to try to use no more than six or seven at a time, since experience has shown that more than this number is not usually necessary if a little thought goes into the selection process. Taking more remedies than are actually needed means that the focus is lost.

  • How remedies are made?

Two methods are used to make remedies. Most of the more delicate flowers are prepared using the sun method. This involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours, in direct sunlight. Woodier plants, and those that bloom when the sun is weak, are generally prepared by the boiling method – i.e. boiling the flowering parts of the plant for half an hour in pure water.

In both cases once heat has transferred the energy in the flowers to the water, the energised water is mixed with an equal quantity of brandy. This mix is the mother tincture.

Mother tincture is further diluted into brandy (at a ratio of two drops of mother tincture to 30 ml of brandy) to make the stock bottles that you see in the shops.

  • Remedy-making today

Nowadays there are many companies making the 38 remedies. Any well-made remedy will work as well as any other. Our advice is to pick a brand you trust.

  • Guide to few remedies: Here I share of few of my own experiences in using these flower remedies.

Walnut – useful to help one overcome the difficulty one faces during CHANGE—eg change of place, profession, change of life like puberty ,menopause ,teething troubles in children etc..


Concentration in studies : especially in children to improve their concentration I generally prescribe  Scleranthus and Chestnut bud. Chestnut bud especially when children make a lot of silly mistakes again and again.


For Fears – fear of known eg. Fear of darkness,theif,animals etc   given Mimulus .But for extreme fear or Terror  eg. Terror of bombing ,floods,panic give Rock Rose.


I have given Crab apple with a lot of beneficial effects   in many cases of skin infections like pimples, unhealthy skin  ,dermatitis .

For a Possesiveness and self love ,Chicory can be given.The Chicory type tends to be possessive of others and would keep them close to her and try to control or direct their lives.’ Think what I have gone through for you, what I have done for you’  would be typical line.

Holly for hatred, anger envy,jealousy and suspicion.

Larch for lack of confidency in self and hence expectation of failure

Star of Bethlehem is a another remedy widely used by me , in after effects of shock –both mental or sudden  sad news, frights,  sudden unhappiness..


This is just a glimpse of few remedies which have helped me in my practice. Such and many others are there to help the sick individual.For further reference , one can read – Beginner’s Guide Bach Flower Remedies— by Dr.V.Krishnamoorty.


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